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BauBuche - laminated veneer lumber

BauBuche Board

The laminated veneer lumber is available as boards bonded parallel to the grain (S-board) as well as with approximately 20 % cross-layers (Q-board)

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BauBuche Beam

The high strength of the beams made of beech laminated veneer lumber bonded parallel to the grain allows the production of slim structures for large spans and heavy load conditions. Strips of BauBuche S-board can be used as beams with "small" cross-sections up to 80 mm in width.

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BauBuche Panel

The veneer layers of BauBuche Panel are bonded perpendicular to the surface, and can be used as table tops and sturdy work surfaces as well as ceiling and wall cladding, steps for stairs and elegant wood flooring with the hardness of industrial flooring.

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